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Allgemeines Geblabber...

Hehe, das ist interessant hier. Scheinbar scheint in Finnland jeder irgendwas mit Nightwish am Hut zu haben...

Aus nem Interview mit Aatos Erkko (Chef von SanomaWSOY, der Firma, die u.a. die größte finnische Tageszeitung rausbringt).

"Have you been following the Nightwish sacked-vocalist saga?
A certain amount, yes, since I know some people from Kitee.

So, whose side are you on then, Tarja Turunen's side or the musicians in the band?
I'm with the musicians. They clearly had a reason to act as they did, even if they perhaps carried it out rather clumsily. I'd have to admit that I have not really delved very deep into this one. Still, they are a very gifted and big-name band.

Do you have any of their albums?
As a matter of fact, YES, I do. Back in April of this year I met Tuomas Holopainen's father in Kitee. He happens to be the Chairman of the Northern Karelia branch of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises."

Naja,...Bio heute - war schwer, keine Frage. Hab 3 Doppelbögen geschrieben und hoffe mal, dass davon was richtig ist ;)

Jetzt bin ich aber erstmal müde...langer Tag heute.
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