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C'est moi!

So this is me...I assume if you know me you only think to know me and if you don't know me you better don't want to know me. There's only very few people who actually know who I am and how I am and all others who pretend to know me just don't get it. I never said I'm easy, I'm pretty complicated and if you only build your own opinion about me without trying to understand me...well do what you want. Perhaps I just don't want you to know me better. Just don't ever believe that you actually know who I am...

Why did I create this thingie here? In fact a few years ago because I was bored.

Why do I still use my LJ? It's something you can write into whenever you want and if it's just some private nonsense. Maybe it's also the easiest way for a few people to hear something about each other even if you don't talk to them that regularly. For me it's always interesting to read what others write...even if I don't believe that anybody is actually interested in my crap...but some people still seem to read what I write *lol*.

What else do you need to know?

Metal is my life!!


Oh and don't worry...mostly I write in English cause for some weird reason it's easier for me. But from time to time I guess I'm too tired to write in English.

At this point - greetz to all my friends (the few I have, you know who you are!).


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